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"Excellence is our Standard"

BATASnatin The Firm is an institution providing a wide array of legal services. Staying true to its aphorism, "Excellence is our Standard", the firm has always been top notch in extending legal aid to everyone: all over the Philippines and overseas. We guarantee, top notch legal services within your reach.


BATASnatin The Firm's main office is situated at 2nd Floor, LC Building, 31 General Luna Street, Taguig City, Philippines. It is exactly fronting the Taguig City Hall, above Goldilocks.

If you are not familiar with Taguig City or Philippines in general, you can use our Office Locator in the upper right hand portion of the page. Simply enter your location and "Click to Get Directions". If you plan on bringing a car with you, a parking space is conveniently located in Puregold. You can park your vehicle there, exit the building and our office is just a few steps away across the City Hall.


Our services include but are not limited to:
  • Civil Law - Collection of Debts, Unlawful Detainer, Forcible Entry, Recovery of Real or Personal Property, Damages, etc.
  • Labor Standards and Relations Law - Illegal Termination, Constructive Dismissal, Non-payment/ Underpayment of Salaries and Benefits, etc.
  • Criminal Law - All crimes as defense lawyer or private prosecutor.
  • Corporation Law - Creation of corporate bodies, Litigation in the corporate courts, etc. 
  • Environmental Law - Writ of Kalikasan, protection of the environment and natural resources.
  • Land Titles and Deeds
  • Election Law
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution


Please feel free to contact us about every legal issue you have. We will be pleased to serve you with utmost integrity, knowledge and expertise, and justice as the ultimate end.

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Atty. Libayan | At a Glance

Atty. Ranny Randolf B. Libayan


Atty. Ranny Randolf B. Libayan is the Firm's founder. He has no illustrious background. He was born to parents who were fueled primarily by love and hard work in raising him with his three (3) siblings. They were a normal struggling Filipino family. Atty. Libayan was public-schooled from elementary to college. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science from Benguet State University and a law degree from University of Baguio - a newcomer in legal education at that time.


The Birth of


Atty. Libayan was a working student. As such, he never had the luxury of time in studying; let alone have the necessary materials in studying while in law school. He never owned more than ten (10) law books in his whole stint as a law student. Close to impossible as it may seem but that was how was born- out of necessity and the obligation to pay-it-forward. Atty. Libayan obtained study materials from different sources. Looked everywhere to fulfill his continuing thirst for legal knowledge. At that time, legal materials were hard to come by, therefore, he decided to make it accessible to everyone via Atty. Libayan's success was built from contributions of many people.


In his first day as a law student, the class was given cases as reading assignments. The cases were in the SCRA. Atty. Libayan was the only person in the class who does not know what SCRA is; and, at that point he is too ashamed to ask. He was working with a car manufacturing company and the company had a 56kb/s dial-up internet connection access. He searched online for the meaning of SCRA. However it returned no results. The next day Atty. Libayan went to class without reading a single case and not even knowing where to look for them. At that moment, he realized, law resources should be readily available. It was not available to learners of law, how much more for ordinary people? Atty. Libayan taught himself a little computer programming and as they say, the rest is history. became the first most comprehensive and interactive online law resource in the Philippines.


The Law Firm


Even before Atty. Libayan passed the bar exams, cases were already piling up for him to litigate. After passing the bar exam, he established this law firm. He was inexperienced in the legal profession but he was up for the challenge. He was handling several cases already despite being a green apple. In his first days as a litigator, he would stay until the court adjourns even if his case was already called just to learn more about the practice. He caught up fast and litigated more than 30 cases in his first year alone as a lawyer.


Justice as the End


Atty. Libayan believes that justice should be affordable to everyone. He personally offers free legal advice in his firm's forums and give pro-bono services especially to laborers. The true testimony of Atty. Libayan's success are not the awards he received or the schools he attended- none of those are more prestigious than those of the testimony of people he worked with, the clients he served and his continuing pursuit to keep noble the profession he chose.

Pro Bono/ Free Legal Services for Laborers in the Philippines

Are you illegally or constructively dismissed? Demoted? Illegally suspended? Underpaid or not paid? A laborer oppressed in any way?


With the firms strong commitment to protect labor and promote social justice, Libayan and Associates offers free legal services from filing, up to the Supreme Court for laborers who are oppressed and have legitimate causes of action.


What you need to do to avail of this service is to arrange with us an Initial Consultation* through any of our phones: 09159546080 or 359-4203. After the Initial Consultation and assessment of your case, you will be granted the pro-bono legal service.


What do we mean by pro-bono legal service? It means that you do not have to pay any legal fees and we will without you shelling any money on your part accept your case and represent you in your labor case from the DOLE up to the Supreme Court. The legal fees that are waived are the acceptance fee, document fees, etc. You have to pay for printing and photocopies though, a small price to pay for a top notch law firm representing you in your labor case.


Please contact us for more details.


*Initial Consultations costs Php1,500.00 but after you qualify for our pro-bono service, consultations and legal advice are free.




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