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To whom it may concern,

This is DaiDc, seeking additional legal advise for what happened in our Brgy in Misamis Oriental (Mindanao) during this last Local Election May 14, 2018.

Narration below:

My brother HECTOR was run as SK Chairman during this last election, in our BRGY there is 6 precinct which will cater the said election in our BRGY.

This is what happened:
This PRECINCT 102B & 102C, during final counting of votes, our watcher wasn't able to continue her task this night (May 14, 2018) due to she still have early work to attend for the next day (May 15, 2018).

And then the canvasser who's in-charge to this precinct was able to continued in counting or tallying the votes for those who run during local election.

As he continue, something fishy going on, as he said that the name of the SK Chairman who run which written or put on the space provided in SK Kagawad even thou the space provided in SK chairman was BLANK/ EMPTY, he still insisted that it will be INVALID. And he calls many times 6-8 calls that my brother's name is INVALID. That's why one of the SK Kagawad of my Brother, complain or make a call to the person / canvasser in-charge to this PRECINCT 102B & 102C outside the class room, told him: Sir, why u said its INVALID which in fact its according to the neighborhood rule that it will be VALID, same what other canvassers did to the (5 PRECINCT) and he's the only 1 precinct insisted not valid. The SK Kagawad no longer fight/ insisted to the canvasser cause he know's that he's one of the running SK Kagawad, and he's not allowed to complain that much, and he's not only one who heard and witnessed what happened, that's why he called our attention, my other siblings and other watchers who's look also after to the other PRECINCTS, that there is something wrong going on that said PRECINCT.

That's why we did protest, according to neighborhood rule or doctrine of COMELEC RULE that those kind of scenario, is valid. As per confirmed by other 5 PRECINCTS whos tallying the votes, they considered it as VALID, but only this person (HERNANDO- CHAIRMAN OF ELECTORAL BOARD) who's in-charge the said PRECINCT did this to us. That's why we did protest and complain to him. Yet he still insisted that he's doing the right job. But for us, we doubted that he is wrong and we smell something fishy that there is sabotage happened, that's why we filed protest letter and signed by him that he acknowledged our complain. And asked legal assistance and hired a lawyer to file this ELECTION PROTEST, in-order to seek justice for what happened in our Brgy. The reason also why we pursue and fight our rights to continue the PROTEST because every election there is always sabotage happened in our BRGY. but people used to it, afraid, and lack of capacity and lack of budget to do it because even do they wanted to fight in the end the JUSTICE will not PREVAIL.

We wanted to do it in the right and LEGAL way.

The reason why I'm asking your humbly office to please advise, recommend us what to do & please HELP us this kind of situation in our province cause what i observed when i came to the office to that private ATTY. which she's the only one available private attorney in our province and i don't want to waste time and we have no choice than file ASAP and fight our rights regarding this something sabotage happened in our province, as i heard many allegations that there is always sabotage happened every election we had in the past. And I don't want to happen it again in our Brgy. That's why im Seeking Justice in your humbly office to please HELP us, specially my beloved province.

Continuation: As I and we, narrated to her (to that ATTY.) regarding our case, she still asked us and investigated us, if the said SK Chairman proclaimed Winner is the SK Chairman handled by the MAYOR of our municipality. (and we smell something fishy that there is politically involve in everything) even justice is POLITICALLY mix with self interest.

After she found out that the SK Chairman proclaimed Winner is not handle by Mayor, she said to handled our case, by the way the proclaimed SK Chairman Winner in our Brgy got 228 votes, while next is my brother got 224 votes, but based on what we tally during counting for those 5 PRECINCT my brother got high votes and he's the first/ top which leading in 30+ votes to the second highest votes.
Also on what i saw, checked and investigated on the final results and tally from the final results of the ELECTORAL BOARD OF CANVASSER of SK ELECTION, We found out that there is 28 votes which is questionable in all 6 PRECINCT.

The Major reason why i wanted to fight and pursue this PROTEST are as follows:

1. Its already DUTERTE Administration, I / We have to fight to those who look down and step our individual rights.

2. I doubted in our province to the results or maybe they will make it delay this PROTEST we file cause POLITICAL SELF INTEREST still exists in our PROVINCE.

3. I open this letter to your office simply because your the highest, and we are expecting that there is no sabotage will happen and the JUSTICE might SERVE & PREVAIL ASAP.

Pleaseeeee help me/ us, enlighten us, and advise us what and which are the things we need to do's and don'ts during this fight.

Your help from this matter is super highly appreciated.

Looking forward from your prompt reply, advises & HELP.


Thanks & God Bless!

Sincerely Yours,

Daisy Micabalo Catacutan
Citizen of The Republic of the Philippines
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local election 2018 seeking additional legal advis 3 years 3 months ago #17918

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The best way to go about this case is to file an Election Protest with the MTC, or the lowest level court. If you did not find relief in the said court, appeal to the COMELEC.
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