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Good day! First of all, i would like to give you relevant information about myself..
- Im a government employee for almost 14 yrs now.. Permanent position Section chief assigned at the PROVINCIAL office.
- I've been separated from my first husband since 2004. We already filed an annulment.. (still on going) We had 2 daughters both in college..
- I have a live in partner for 5 yrs now. We also have two daughters aged 1 and 4. We plan on getting married as soon as my annulment was granted.
- Given the circumstances, my 2 young daughters was NOT declared as my dependent, because they are still not registered in LOCAL CIVIL REGISTRAR.
- My partner is an OFW, but as now, he is unemployed and in charge with the kids while im at the office. I am the sole provider for my family including my parents.

Just recently, i plan to apply for monetization of leave credits so when i had the chance to go to the REGIONAL OFFICE, i personally went to HR to check my records for the number of days i would want to request for monetization. I was totally shocked when i found out that only a few days were left in the balance of leave credits. So little as if im just a step away to being drop from the roll or even lose my job.

My initial reaction was to ask our regional HRMO. And she said that the information was based on the MONTHLY CONSOLIDATED REPORT OF ATTENDANCE (CRA) submitted to them by our PROVINCIAL OFFICE. And as i go through the pages of the reportS, i found out that the intentional malicious entry happened last MAY TO JULY 2014. During this period, we do not have official logbook or even bundy clock in our office. It was only July 2016 when we stated using a bundy clock for our attendance. And there is only one person who is in charge of all admin reports. Hiring of new employees for admin is still ongoing during those months. And i think one of the reason why they were unable to drain the balance of my earned leave was the assumption to duty of the newly hired admin personnel.

If this were true sa dami po ng araw that i was absent and reported on-leave, i would have been subject for disciplinary action for commiting several administrative administrative offense specifically yun habitual tardiness and unauthorized absences AWOL dhil wala nman akong application for leave for those absences. The managent could have done anything like issue a memo or at the very least call my attention for misconduct or negligence.

Application for leave filed by personnel was not required to submit at the Regional Office. Those documents remain to the respective provincial offices for reference and safekeeping. Only the CRA together with original copy of Daily time record (DTR) were required for submission to COA ( comission on audit).

I wasnt able to see my FAKE DTR during that time because according to HR, it was already forwarded to COA and would only be available upon request.

I cannot find the exact word to describe the emotional stress we've all been through from then on. Hindi ko muna po ipinaalam sa office yun natuklasan kong ginawa sa akin. Sa mother ko at sa aking partner lng po ako nkakapaglabas ng sama ng loob noon una.. Pero ngayon, iniwasan ko na rin po na pagusapan sa bahay namin yun ngyari all because my MOM and my partner got si emotional at gusto pong pumunta sa office at harapin yun taong nagfake ng DTR ko. Natakot po ako bka makasakit yun asawa ko dhil sa sobrang galit. On my part, masakit pong malaman na yun bagay na pinaghirapan ko ay nwala ng ganoon. Hindi naman kami magkagalit ng boss ko, we are professional pagdating sa office. Ksalukuyan po akong ngpapaaral ng anak sa kolehiyo kaya nakakahiya man pong aminin, yun leave credits ko ang is the ONLY savings I have.

Gusto ko pong magfile ng case sa ngyari sa akin, lalo na po doon sa taong naging kasangkapan ng boss ko para gumawa ng ganun sa akin. Kung maari po sanang mabigyan linaw ninyo ang mga bagay na i put into consideration before i put myself into battle.
1. Pwede po ba nla akong gantihan at kasuhan on the grounds of my marital status. I have 2 children out of wedlock whom i cannot put on record and declare as my dependent. So i got Higher tax deduction because i cannot file my younger daughter as an exemption.
2. Pwede po ba akong mawalan ng trabaho pag ngyari yun? Iyon lng po ang inaasahan ng pamilya ko.
3. When i consulted the CSC, pwede ko daw ifile sa knila yun kaso pero irerefer din nila ito pabalik sa office namin for proper investigation. The case is between me and my officemate together with my Boss. Ayoko ko pa sana na sila rin ang maghandle ng kaso na to. Saan pa po ba ako pwede magfile ng case ?
4. Ano po yun mga bgay na dapat ko gawin o ihandA sa pagfile ko ng complaint ko.. Pwede po ba sa ombudsman ako magfile?

Sana po matulungan nyo po ako para maliwanagan ang mga bagay-bagay sa kasi ko.Hanggang dito na lng and maraming salamat po
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