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TOPIC: Divorce

Divorce 4 years 2 weeks ago #16056

  • Tiffany
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Hello.. pa advice lang po about sa case ng mother ko. Kinasal siya dito sa Pilipinas. Ngayon after ilang years umalis yung husband niya at nagpuntang U.S. Then noong naka acquire yung husband niya ng u.s citizenship, nag file ng divorce at pinadalhan siya ng copy dito noong 2001. Ang problema kasi ngayon, gusto niya mag loan (lot purchase) sa pag-ibig, kaso ang daming hinihinging kung ano ano na kailangan ata ng approval ng husband. Married pa din ang status ng mother ko hindi niya pa din naayos hanggang ngayon.

Tanong ko po, paano mapawalang bisa ang kasal niyang yun? (May nag advice kasi sa amin na dalhin lang yung divorce papers na galing sa husband niya sa NSO at ok na. Sa mga nababasa ko naman ay kailangan pang dumaan sa korte for the recognition of foreign divorce.

(Just delete my post admin, sorry for not looking first but I think I've found the answer here: www.firm.batasnatin.com/forum/marriage-r...orced-in-canada.html)
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Divorce 2 years 11 months ago #17255

  • Atty. Libayan
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No worries we will leave this here for leads on divorce.
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Divorce 2 years 6 months ago #17394

  • joseph
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Divorce or annulment or null of marriage 2 years 6 months ago #17399

  • anne
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Hi, I need a legal advise po . we have been married in Singapore at MOM(ministry of marriage) and was solemnized by a legal person(i forgot her position). that was 2012. I registered our marriage as report of marriage in DFA . and 2013 , my Korean husband committed adultery, we became okay but we live separately as I dont have legal visa in Korea and i was working in Singapore. then 2015 he abandon me without saying anything at all. even a decision about out marriage i did not hear anything from him. Now 2017, im thinking of filing a divorce or annulment or any way to void the marriage and to be recognized as single again in Philippines. I am now in Thailand working here, and I do not have any idea about my ex husband. I just want to be free from this hopeless marriage. Thank you.
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Divorce 2 years 4 months ago #17442

  • Quenie
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Hello, I just want to ask for legal advise. I am currently working in Oman since 2010. I was married in Oman with a Jordanian national (Muslim) and we got divorced before the court (through following Islamic sharia law) . i am already legally divorced in Oman and have my certificate of divorce (in arabic and english translated already) signed and approved by the court here, ministry of justice and ministry of foreign affairs and attested by the Philippine Embassy in Oman. We did not file a case or forward a divorce case because we agreed peacefully for divorce and I got the certified original copy of divorce cert in same day. Because I submitted a report of marriage i am still married in Philippines and want to clear my name so I will be able to get a certificate of singleness again and in order for me to remarry. Please advise me the procedures on how to clear my name as single again. Many thanks.
By the way I don't have a child from him.
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