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Co-Maker in Salary Loan 5 years 10 months ago #14602

Dear Atty.,

Hope all is well. Thank you for creating this site.

I would like to ask for your advice regarding the situation I am encountering for several years now.

In 2010, I have a close friend, a co-worker, who approached me asking if she can borrow money due to her huge debt as a result of her expensive lifestyle. I don't have any money to lend. She then later asked me if I can sign as her co-maker for her to be approved on a salary loan. Since I was a friend, a mother, who feel sorry and concern: I agreed. She promised me that she would settle it and not to worry. Back then, I did not know whats the purpose of having a co-maker, since I trusted my friend so much I did not bother to ask. (people out there, please learn from my mistakes.)

She's so desperate, with no work, having an irresponsible husband, she then asked me again to help her go abroad. She needed a reference, so I gave her my friend's address as well with my aunt's address. She got approved and went abroad. We had communications back then, a happy one. And I was that happy that she is recovering little by little til she found a job.

After 3 months, I got a letter, informing me that my friend did not pay and was asking to pay instead. Someone, also went and explain what is happening. I told my friend to pay the fees immediately, I also contacted her husband, but told me to directly address this problem to my friend.

I asked her what is going on, you have work, you are earning, why don't you pay the fees. To my surprise, she decided not to pay until she can save money. I told her, what the heck? what about me? The bank is asking me to pay what you took from them. You even, issued a check, so you might get in trouble on this. She replied, let it be.

Months went on the same conversations. Til, they are no longer entertaining the bank, and even made alibis that they changed their address, been separated, have sold their house, they even tried to tell the bank that both of them are dead. They stopped communicating with the bank. They stopped communicating on me.

I was so troubled with this, and was asking myself what have I done wrong? All I did was to help.

Interest on her loans went up, harassment doubled even tripled. What will I do attorney? I don't have the money, a job. Husband's salary stretched out with 3 kids expenses.

Appreciate your advice sir.
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Co-Maker in Salary Loan 5 years 9 months ago #14721

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