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TOPIC: Accusations of theft

Accusations of theft 3 years 2 months ago #17277

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Good day, I just want some advice regarding the case of my wife. I apologize in advance for the long story that I'm about to tell, but I think this will give a clearer picture of the situation that my wife is into. The case is about the accusation that my wife is stealing from her company.

My wife worked as a cashier/treasurer in a private company (somewhere in metro south). Before March 2015 she went on immediate leave because she experienced profuse bleeding (she was pregnant for 4 months at that time). She came back to work on September that year. While my wife was on leave, the company hired a new cashier/treasurer in replacement for my wife. My wife already had a companion cashier/treasurer before she went on leave, so now there are 3 staff who are cashier/treasurer when she came back. Months have passed, there are issues raised by the company's accounting that there are missing money that are supposed to be in their books. According to my wife, the money that went 'missing' was traced on the month after she took sick leave (Mar 2015). She told her companions to trace the problem as she was not around when it happened. Months passed by then one of her companion resigned (the previous companion). My wife then took a different role in a her workplace this year as she was now always on leave (she was taking care of our 3 kids, one of them needs special care), she left her new companion the task on handling the money. Sometime on June 2016, the new companion went on vacation as she was according to her will attend to her child's baptism. This left my wife again with the task on handling the money. Then the new companion came back and my wife went on with her usual work and her usual leaves (absences). My wife told the supervisor that she intends to stop working and instead take care of our children until they are a little older. My wife finally went on indefinite leave which started last week of July.

There are calls that came to my wife from her office asking the discrepancies in their books. My wife just promply answers their inquiries and even visited the office occassionally. Then one day, before September this year there was a call from their office asking her to come and explain the missing money as my wife was accused by the new companion as the one who is responsible for it. According to my wife, she and the new companion went to the owner's office early September this year, and one by one they explained their sides. Also, according to my wife, the owner and the company's accountant have traced that the money that went 'missing' started when my wife took leave last year and on June this year and on occassions when my wife is always on leave. My wife said that she heard her new companion said to the owner that my wife is also responsible for the missing money. My wife said that the owner asked her accountant on who she thinks is the one who stole the money, the accountant said that its hard to point the blame on my wife because there are paper trails that proves she took nothing. The owner, according to my wife, was urging her to admit that she took the money but my wife insisted that it was she did not steal from them. Week passed by, my wife and some employees in the company are invited to undergo lie detector tests. The other person invited are: the new companion, the old companion who resigned earlier and one employee who was also blamed by the new companion as another one who stole from the company. After the test, my wife intended to talk to the owner so that she can clear her name. The owner agreed to talk to my wife and according to my wife, she was still urged by the owner to admit and that he will not believe anything that my wife will say because the lie detector test returned negative on all accused. Right now, we are waiting for criminal charges to be filed against my wife, but my wife is confident that there are no paper trails that will show she stole something (there is one written in a piece of paper, according to the owner, made by the new companion stating that my wife took 3 thousand pesos as petty cash signed only by her - without a signature of my wife).

We are thinking how would we get back to the new companion for the things that she has done to my wife. She has implicated my wife in theft because of her accusations, and now we are waiting for charges to be filed by the owner. We suspect that the owner is having a hard time getting evidence against my wife that is why he always urge my wife to just admit the theft and she will be forgiven by the owner. According to my wife, the owner revealed to her that the new companion admitted to the theft but just a portion of the money, the rest is still blamed to my wife. Can we file a case against the new companion? We have no recorded dialog or written statements made by the new companion that specifically said that my wife is the culprit (we believe that the new companion already made a statement to the owner, but we dont have access to it). I think that the investigation of the owner and his actions urging my wife for admission of guilt is proof that the new companion tainted my wife's reputation because the owner believes that my wife really stole some of the money but has no proof. Some employees of the company who knew my wife (my wife worked in the company for more than 15 years and this is the first time she was accused) said to her that the new companion is really putting blame on my wife. My wife is really anxious to file a case against her because the employees of the company thinks that my wife is involved and that the owner has announced that my wife is a liar according the lie detector test (the result of the lie detector test was not presented to my wife, it is just stated by the owner that she failed the test). My wife and I are not financially capable of hiring lawyers, we are considering seeking help from public attorney for legal advice but we don't know where to start.
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